Thinking of having a European honeymoon? Why Prague Is a Perfect Destination

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and the fourth biggest city in the entire European Union. Being ranked so high, in size, definitely means there is plenty to see and discover while having a honeymoon holiday with your spouse. From the lovely landscape of Petrin to the magnificence of the Prague Astronomical clock, there is definitely something to leave you nostalgic about the Czech country.

How to Get There

Prague is a beautiful city in all seasons so there is never a wrong time to catch a flight or train for your honeymoon. There are plenty of flights connecting directly to the city’s main airport, located 15km away from the city center. Alternatively, there are available train travels from London that will get you direct to the city of Prague.

For lovebirds who prefer booking a flight, Prague will only be 25 minutes away from the airport. You can both cuddle on a subway ride to the city or pick a convenient taxi at the airport or have one delivered to you at your arrival. Hotel taxis and private rentals are also available on request.

Where to Stay

Irrespective of your budget, you will never lack a nice and cozy place to stay in as you enjoy the splendor of Prague. If you like the nice continental look in a hotel with 5 star treatments, Hotel Residence Agnes is the perfect place to be. Not only are the rooms well maintained and cozy, they also offer a complimentary bottle of red wine to welcome you on your honeymoon. The amenities are top notch including free transport back to the airport or to your next hotel within Prague.

The Golden Well is another commendable place to spend your honeymoon nights. A hospitable staff welcomes you at the entrance and you get a complimentary note on your bed that also gives you highlights of how the hotel intends to spoil you during your stay. The location is perfect and the scenery is just adorable.

Tourist Attractions

The Czech Republic is a hub of some of the notable tourist attractions to be found in Europe. And a great number of the attractions are located right at the heart of Prague. When you fully settle in your room and ready to enjoy the holiday, you can start with a romantic stroll along Charles Bridge where you can catch some of the magnificent views and photos of Prague Castle along the Vltava River. So many other riverside attractions will be within your view as you hold hands and take in the moment.

After a hearty breakfast the next day, a taxi can pick you at your hotel and take you to your first trip around the city, the fast stop being the Charles Bridge museum which houses the history of Prague through artifacts and replicas. When your educative morning is over, drive down to Golden Lane near Prague Castle. This is a famous tourist street with 11 historical houses that have various displays of textiles, armory and more artifacts. There are plenty of souvenirs sold within the lane as well so grab one to always give you nostalgic moments when celebrating your anniversary.

If you have never stared at magnificent architecture right in the face, St. Vitus Cathedral will definitely wow and dazzle you. The edifice glows with picturesque Gothic medieval architecture and rises 97m into the beautiful Prague skies. St. Vitus Cathedral plays an important role as being the central place where the Prague Archbishop conducts church matters.

Your Prague honeymoon cannot be complete until you take a guided tour of the Prague Castle. Just like the cathedral, the Prague Castle also shines with pristine blend between Gothic and Renaissance architecture. This castle has existed since the 19th century and has always been the central point where legislative matters have been conducted. Enter the castle and you are immediately taken back to 870AD with beautiful paintings and artifacts that each tells a story of the Ancient Czech. If you book a hotel overlooking the castle, make sure you have a night view of the edifice you will never forget that moment.

Prague is a city where lovers cherish their moments enjoying the beauty of Czech and the hospitality that comes with it. Are you still deciding on your European honeymoon? Why not choose the allure of Prague!

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Europe isn’t known for mattresses

No, Europe is not known for mattresses.  You will not hear people talk about our great foam innovations, or our or incredible textiles hand crafted by our people.  These are not things, by themselves, that make European travel great.  These are not things, as a hotel, that really separate you from the pack.  However, this concept of a quality mattress does fall into a bigger idea, which is hospitality.

If someone were to come stay at your home, would you give them the worst mattress in the house, much less the worst mattress you could find?  Of course not, that’s ludicrous.  The reality is that though Europe is not known directly for such things, it’s overall perception for quality ties into everything we do.  We’re not going to overspend, in fact many chains we know pride themselves on finding the top mattress for their money.  This leads to both high margins and a great guest experience, which is of course a truly top priority.

European mattress review

There are many joys when visiting Europe, so we expect that the mattress is not your top priority.  However we do think that after the beauty of the cities, after experiencing the cultures and museums, a great sleep can’t hurt.

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Traveling Europe Need Not Cost You an Arm and a Leg

Lots of people who want to vacation in Europe are deterred by how much they think it will cost it has some of the most expensive destinations in the world and they worry they will end up spending a lot of money. The truth is that you can have a truly budget (and still lots of fun) holiday in Europe. The secret is in knowing where you can save. Here are some top tips:
Travel on off periods
Book your holiday anytime except in summer like most other Western destinations, prices are high for almost everything in the summer months. If you want a real budget holiday go there off-season. If you book a hotel in the summer you may end up paying just half the usual rates.
Shop around for flights
Don’t book the first flight you come across. With so many budget airlines competing to get customers you can get yourself a European ticket for less than $300 if you look in the right places. Also, don’t be afraid to connect flights if it will save you money.
Travel by rail
Europe has a well developed railway system and it is a great way to see the countryside. There is no reason to fly to Paris or other European destinations from London when you can take the train and pay less.
Alternate accommodation options
Look into accommodation options. There are clubs which you can join that allow members to host each other for free when they travel to each others countries. This kind of arrangement can allow you to travel the world without paying a dime in accommodation.
Special rates and tours
Get exclusive passes to tourist destinations if you can. You can buy tickets that allow you access to all museums, road and train transport by paying just a bit more than you usually would for a one-time use ticket.
These are just a few of the tips that can use to save money when you travel to Europe there are lots more.
Prime European shoes
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Going To Europe? Top Budget Sleeping and Eating Tips

Europe travel budgeting
If your next holiday is in Europe you are probably wondering whether you can really afford it. Good news: you can tour Europe with a fraction of the money that you have saved but only if you know how to get good, cheap accommodation and also if you know how to plan your meals after air fare, these are the two largest costs that most European tourists encounter. Lets first look at accommodation and then look at meals.
When it comes to accommodation in Europe you will find all kinds from apartments and beach villas for rent to low budget motels. The secret is in knowing where to find good low budget ones. First, don’t sleep in big cities if you can help it. A 10 mile drive out of a city can save you dozens of Euros. Drive to the nearest residential area and then walk around and see what accommodation is available and at what price. Find the best and the cheapest. If you can do this advance online you can save yourself even more money.
Second, forget about room services and the other frills that you get in large hotels. All you want is a clean, safe place to sleep, take a shower and keep your belongings. If you need to eat in the night take snacks with you into your room.
When it comes to eating use the same no frills approach. There is a lot of good European food that you can buy for very little. In some places, for instance, pizza with meat toppings is sold by weight. If you buy one of just 200 grams which is just a few dollars it is more than sufficient. There are also great markets where you can buy fresh produce at very affordable prices. If you get cheese, some cured meat cuts and veggies you can have cheap sandwiches whenever you are hungry.
Go to Europe on a budget using these tips.

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English In Europe

This is a quick note.  I’ve traveled extensively throughout Europe, without knowing anything but English and some decent Spanish.  I’m here to say that this was not an issue at all.  At almost every location I went to, there was someone who knew English.  You can get away with not knowing the native language in pretty much any country throughout Europe.  There’s places like Germany and Norway, where you’ll find that pretty much everybody speaks English in addition to their native tongue.  You won’t even have to say anything and people will start talking to you in English  In other countries, not everybody will speak English, but you will quickly be able to find someone who does.  It’s really not a concern in my opinion, and it certainly shouldn’t stop you from going to Europe and doing as much traveling as you possibly can.

Having said all this, I think it its still totally worth it to learn a new language.  It’s an amazing achievement for one.  It’s also a tremendous way to get to know an entire group of people.  Just because lots of a certain group of people know English doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be awesome to learn another language.  How cool would it be to speak to a native group of people in their own language?  That is probably the biggest form of flattery that you could provide to someone.  If you are going after a certain foreign girl and you can speak her language, then you are going to be that much more likely to be successful.  You will also be able to speak to all the people in the country who don’t happen to speak English.  You will become much more cultured and you will have a completely different view of the world.  It’s well worth it to learn another language.

Having said that, if you are worried about not being able to speak with anybody while traveling across Europe, don’t worry.  You are going to be able to get along just fine.

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The confusion around adjustable beds

When traveling through Europe, many people are surprised to see how adjustable beds are so prevalent.  We Europeans enjoy these beds for comfort and relaxation, and foreign travelers often agree after staying a few nights.  In fact, nearly all guests ask us what is the best adjustable bed?  We often give them some of our favorites, and even recommend a few stores which carry some of the best.  However, we think the following video does the best job of explaining.

Adjustable bed preferences
Really it isn’t easy to make all Europeans happy.  Sometimes the French like one type of mattress, and the Italians like another.  Some pillows suit Scandinavians well, but the Dutch can barely tolerate them.  However when we bring out the adjustable bed with a nice latex mattress on top, we never get any complaints.

All of our beds are electric, though manual is certainly an option that we considered.  There is also the range of the bed, as well as the firmness of the mattress.  Unfortunately these preferences will range across different visitors, so we chose options that were best suited for a hotel crowd.

We thank our friends at @reveriesleep on Twitter for sharing some of the useful information in this post.

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Don’t Forget About These Destinations

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s easy to take a big European trip/vacation and overlook some really great places.  I wanted to highlight some pretty cool places here that I think you should take a close look at if you are trying to schedule a vacation across Europe sometime soon.

Estonia- Tallin is the underrated bachelor party capital of the world.  There are so many fun things to do here if you like nightlife and guy things.  It’s really amazing and you have to go here and potentially even consider having your bachelor party there as well.

Norway- For some reason, Norway doesn’t get enough press.  It is honestly quite possibly the most beautiful place in the world.  The giant and awe-inspiring fjords that the country has are truly remarkable.  Taking a train northwards from Oslo is an absolutely incredible trip that you won’t soon forget.  It does get quite cold there, as I’m sure you are aware, so maybe you could go in the summer.

Portugal- A lot of people go to Spain, Italy, and France, but do you hear much about people going to Portgual?  Portugal has a really rich history and culture.  On top of that, the people are extremely friendly and they will teach you a lot.  The beaches are maybe the best part as well.  The weather is incredible and the sand of their beaches are something to behold.

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Don’t Forget About Spain

A lot of people forget about Spain when they travel throughout Europe.  This is a shame.  There are plenty of hidden gems that you probably don’t know about.  The Spanish people are also some of the most open, nice, and interesting people that you could find.  Let me go through a couple hot spots that you probably don’t even know about.

Salamanca- This is an idyllic town with so much nightlife that it is not even funny.  This is a University town and home to one of the oldest educational institutions in the world.  For that reason, you will find people from all over the world studying here.  I read somewhere that the city possibly has one of, if not the highest bar per capita rates in the continent.  Having been there many times, I can so that certainly seems like it might be true.  Sure, Spain is going through a tough time economically right now.  However, Spaniards still know how to have a good time.  If you are looking to have fun nights out on the town, Salamanca is definitely the place you want to be.  It has pretty much everything you could ever ask for.  Oh, and it also happens to a beautiful place.

Spain countryside
Spain countryside

Madrid- Everyone know about Madrid, so there’s not much else I need to tell you.  It’s the center of Spain and is the equivalent of New York in the country.  It’s a really fun place to be as well with lots of tourist destinations that are really great.

Barcelona- You should go just for the scenery and the architecture.  Parque Guell is an amazing, totally unique place that looks like a real-life scene out of the Mario Brothers.  The scenery is absolutely beautiful as well.  Make sure to also check out La Sagrada Familia for another awe-inspiring piece of architecture.

Valencia- This beach city is amazing.  The paella that is made here is absolutely incredible and is worth the trip on its own.  Definitely worth checking out for sure.

Sevilla- The South of Spain is totally different from anywhere else.  It’s a beautiful place with a unique culture.  You can see amazing flamenco dancing here, but it’s worth the trip for other reasons as well.

Basque region– This region is known for its natural beauty, and boy is it beautiful.  You can meet a truly unique set of people, as Euskera is a language truly unlike any other language out there with basically unknown origins.

Santiago De Compostela- Lots of people do the pilgrimage here.  It’s an amazing place and you can’t help but feel inspired when you are here.  If you have any ties to catholicism, this is a must-see.

Other- You should check out places like Grenada as well.  Spain has a rich history with lots of multiculturalism.  If you are considering a trip to Europe, make sure you think about Spain and put it on top of your list of places to see.  It has a lot of beauty and is an incredibly fun place to be.  Give it a shot, why not?!?

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A Discussion On Hostels

Here’s been my experience with hostels. For one, they are everywhere in Europe. So, if you really want to stay in a hostel, you are going to have a ton of different options available to you. The most obvious reason why someone would want to stay in a hostel is that they are going to most likely be the cheapest option. You will probably save 70% or more off a normal hotel stay if you choose to do a hostel instead of a more standardized hotel. A lot of people who are doing a european vacation where they go to a bunch of different cities will choose hostels so they can spend their money on other more fun stuff.

I have really enjoyed the camaraderie when staying at a hostel. For one, there’s always going to be a group of Australians who are backpacking across Europe. They are always a really fun group of people to be with and they’ll have a lot of good stories that they will share with you. If you can get past their accents, they are a great group of people. Aside from backpacking Aussies, you are going to meet a very diverse group of people. You will become very cultured just by being there.

The accommodations of course are the main drawback of hostels. I have stayed in some pretty dirty hostels and I’ve stayed in some pretty good ones as well. It really just depends. Overall, I would recommend hostels as a cheap means of lodging when you are traveling on a budget. They have some great ones in Europe. There is so much competition that the bad ones close down. As a result, only good ones are able to survive. Having said all this, give hostels a shot. What do you have to lose? Well, okay just don’t watch the movie Hostel haha

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Traveling In Europe Is Just Easier

This is going to be a little bit of a quick discussion. I was trying to travel through the US recently and found it to be quite difficult. It’s a huge country, so if you want to see multiple parts of the country, it will require a bit of planning. You pretty much have just a few options. you can fly, drive, or go by train or bus. If you go by bus, conditions will be rough and you will probably not really enjoy yourself. If you want to go by train, you might not be able to or at the very least it won’t be easy to go directly to where you want to go. The train system in the US is pretty awful. They are costly, not very fast, and inefficient. There is no such thing as a high speed rail system in the states. It’s pretty much a low speed rail system instead.

I would recommend driving across the country. The highway system is actually pretty good in the US. You will get to see parts of the country that you never knew actually existed. It will be a good time. If you go to California, driving down Highway 1 is an extremely nice looking set of views. It doesn’t get much prettier than that.

Well, that’s about it for America. It’s hard to get around a lot of the time and it definitely costs a decent amount of money. It’s much, much easier to get around in Europe. The train system is so much better there. It’s kind of like a spider web in that you can easily get to almost anywhere you want by train. That is not the case in America. You can buy a rail pass and the total cost of your travels will be very low, especially compared to your options in the US. Even the flights are much cheaper. Basically, if you want to have a European vacation, it will be relatively less expensive.

That’s about all I had to say. America needs to step up its transportation game, that’s for sure.

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